Safer Gambling


Bets on the results of international lottery draws do not imply an actual participation of the client in the lotteries in the proposed offer, but a bet that the client makes with the organizer on the results of the lottery draws.

Bets on the results of international lottery draws can be made until the start time, unless otherwise specified. The betting offer includes specifications regarding the time until bets can be accepted.

The results of the draws will be validated by the organizer based on the data displayed on the official lottery websites, excluding the base numbers. The additional drawn number does not count towards any draw.

If two or more draws take place on the same day, for the same lottery, bets will be considered for the main (first) draw, unless otherwise instructed. If for any reason the draw does not take place or no draw is specified, bets placed will stand for the next available number draw.

Bets on the results of international lottery draws cannot be combined with other events in the betting offer.

The betting ticket can be of two types: simple and system.

The minimum number of numbers chosen per ticket is 1 and the maximum is 15.

Single ticket - for this type of bet, all the numbers bet on the ticket must be indicated correctly.

System ticket – this type of bet involves selecting several numbers (minimum 2, maximum 15), but for which a minimum condition is chosen. The minimum system accepted is 1/2 and the system the maximum is 8/15 (exception, 4/5 of 15 for lotteries with 4 or 5 numbers drawn).

To be a winner, a ticket must meet the minimum condition of the chosen system, otherwise it is considered non-winning.