How to play online slots - Everything you need to know

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It's easy to play online slots. To play, all you have to do is enter the appropriate number of coins (virtual coins for online slots, of course), press the spin button and wait for the result. After a spin, you can win some money, go to a bonus round if it's a bonus game or win nothing for that spin. You can use more coins and play again.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, playing this way can lead to a mindless, automatic game where you can lose a lot of money quickly. If you're new to online slots, or if you find you're losing money quickly, this beginner's guide to slots will explain how to play online to get the best possible results.


Play online slots for free

A very important thing to do before putting money into any online slot game is to play in demo mode first.

In free play mode, you have the opportunity to experience free online slot games in their entirety without spending any money. You can play for as long as you like, then leave, come back and play again.

Getting started with online slots for beginners

Want to learn the basics? Here are the important things you need to know about slot machines before playing, either in a real casino or online..

Online slots reels

Each online slot consists of a series of reels. The number of reels is always odd, with machines having three, five, seven or even nine reels. Each reel has various icons or symbols on it. You win money if, after spinning, the reels stop and line up in a way that results in a winning combination on one or more paylines.

Paylines for online slots

The payline of an online slot is made up of rows that cross the reels from left to right. Paylines can be made up of symbols that are all in the same row or they can be in rows that fluctuate along the reels. The machines have from one to more than 50 paylines.


The symbols on online slots, which essentially line up to make a winning combination of images on a payline, are somehow related to the theme of the game. For example, an adventure movie-themed slot will include characters and other images from that movie, while a sports-themed slot will include images associated with that sport's theme.

Some symbols have specified properties and include free spins, scatter, wild and bonus symbols. Often, slots will offer a certain number of free spins if two or three of the designated free spin symbols appear on a spin. Wild symbols are used to complete paylines, as they can become any other symbol that is associated with the paytable.

Bonus symbols will usually send you into the bonus round, and scatter symbols can work in various ways. Scatters often influence the start of the bonus round or your ability to win free spins.

Jackpot online slots

To qualify for the maximum payout on a progressive slot game, you must make the maximum bet. It's not wise to play a progressive if you can't afford to make the max bet.

For many players, how much they can win in one shot is an important factor. The size of the jackpot can certainly appeal to a slots enthusiast. Typically, the bigger the jackpot, the lower the payout and the more expensive it is to play. Thus, bankroll size again becomes a factor.

Payment table

Before playing any online slot, read the associated paytable, which tells you which combination of symbols will take you to the bonus round, to getting a winning combination or to capturing free spins. It will also tell you how much you will win on a given spin depending on the symbol combination and the amount you bet.

How to choose the right online slot

A major aspect of playing online slots is learning the different games and deciding which ones to play. When choosing the slots you want, take some time to try out different slots for free in demo mode.

Usually, online casinos allow members to play online slots for free. There are also slots sites that can give you access to free online slots without having to register or download apps, such as playing slots in our free slots room.

Here are some important questions to ask before choosing the right slot:

  • Do you like the look and feel of the game?
  • Is it interesting to play?
  • Does the high-stakes game fit your budget?
  • Is there a bonus round where you can extend your winnings?
  • How many reels and paylines do you personally want on an online slot?
  • What is the maximum jackpot versus the maximum bet? Is it a good value?
  • Are there many average wins?
  • There are other factors to consider once you narrow down your choices. When you find an online slot or several games you like, it's time for the next step. There's a bit of work before you start playing online slots for real money.

How to play online slots and win

Although we all play online slots because we want to win, an important thing to remember is that they are totally unpredictable. Random Number Generators (RNGs) determine which symbols will appear and in what order they govern the slot machines, so when you place the chips, you never know what will happen next.

If you want to improve your odds by expanding your slots knowledge, take a look at our guide on how to win at online slots.

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Tips for beginners to play slots online

Here are some top tips designed to ensure you have a good experience playing online slots:

  • Stay focused on the moment.
  • Watch how much money you win/lose.
  • Stop playing when you've lost your set budget.
  • Stop playing if you have won a substantial amount of money.
  • If you are playing the bonus doubling game, remember that you can lose all your bonus winnings.
  • Play for fun and not to win a month's rent or car payment.
  • Preparation is key to playing online slot games. Knowing a game before you start pumping money into it will help you understand all the options you can have, especially in terms of bonus rounds and double-up features. Make sure you stick to your budget, stay focused, play at your own pace and have fun!

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Types of online slots available at Spin247Casino

Online slots have become a real obsession for gambling enthusiasts. They are a favourite form of entertainment and an easy way to win money. But how do you choose the best online slot? It depends on your preferences and playing style.

Classic Online Slots

Classic online slots are the simplest and most familiar type of slot games. They have 3 reels and a single payline. They are a favourite with more nostalgic players who want to return to their favourite games of the past. Those fruit and bell games that were popular in traditional casinos are now available online.


It is clear that playing online slots can be an enjoyable way to spend your free time. You can have the chance to win real money or prizes if you play for real money. To get the most out of your experience, it's important to remember to play in demo mode first and practice without losing money. Once you feel comfortable and know how the game works, you can decide to switch to real money play.

It is advisable to stick to your budget and bet responsibly when playing for real money. If you're feeling lucky today, why not sign up and try online slots? Whether you're trying your luck on the reels or boldly taking your chances at blackjack, don't wait - register and start playing now!

FAQ - Free spins without deposit

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